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Replacing NK-23XZ of Toshiba quadruple field image intensifier

Quadruple field image intensifier is an electronic device that converts the X ray image to the visible image output. Newheek has been working on creating high-quality quadruple field image intensifier, and through years of continuous development and production, has launched four quadruple field image intensifier that can replace Toshiba, Terez and other brands. NK-23XZ X-ray quadruple field image intensifier replaces Toshiba quadruple field image intensifier, its appearance, material and technical parameters can be compared with Toshiba and other brands, and the price is low.
Newheek is a professional quadruple field image intensifier manufacturer. It can supply long-term quadruple field image intensifier for C-arm manufacturers, X-ray fluoroscopy manufacturers, medical X-ray lithotripsy equipment manufacturers, medical X-ray diagnostic machine manufacturers, industrial non-destructive X-ray equipment manufacturers, etc.
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