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Role of Image Intensifier

The brightness of the X-ray fluorescent screen is very low, so it is obviously inappropriate to get the image directly by TV camera. Generally, there are three ways to solve this problem:

  1. It is necessary to increase X-ray dose to improve the brightness of fluorescent screen.
  2. Enhanced fluorescent screen and high sensitivity camera tube are used, but the final image quality is not ideal.
  3. Using Image Intensifier is the most reasonable way. First, X-ray image is converted into visible light image and brightness is increased thousands of times.

The Image Intensifier is mainly used for X-ray fluoroscopy, which uses X-ray to pass through the image displayed on the fluorescent screen of the human body. Fluoroscopy is to observe the condition of pathological changes by rotating the patient’s body and observing the movement function of organs from different positions and angles, which is economical and convenient. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to see small pathological changes.

Fluoroscopy is mainly used for the examination of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and acute abdomen.

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