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Shanghai customer inquires about maintenance of image intensifier

Recently, a customer in Shanghai asked about the ignition of our image intensifier. In most cases, the internal sparking phenomenon can not be solved by the customer. It needs to be mailed to the manufacturer for a comprehensive inspection. If the sparking is not serious, only need to repackage it. If it is serious, it can only be replaced with a new liner. The following is an explanation of common failure phenomena of image intensifiers.

1. High-voltage power supply discharge:

Performance phenomenon: The main manifestation of the discharge of the high-voltage power supply is that the high-voltage end of the power supply has a fire phenomenon and a sizzling sound.

2. Intensifier output screen discharge:

Performance phenomenon: The main performance phenomenon is the flashing phenomenon of the output screen. It means that the output screen of the booster will flicker when the booster is powered on but without radiation.

3. Leakage of inner tank:

Performance phenomenon: The main manifestation is that the image is blurred, and the high-voltage terminal voltage plummets.

4. Poor inner vacuum

If any of the above-mentioned image intensifier failures occur, you can first determine the cause of the failure based on the phenomenon. If it is not resolved, you can contact us and let our professionals help you determine. Since most of the problems of image intensifier failure cannot be solved by yourself, you can send it to us for help. We are professional in image intensifiers and can give you professional opinions and suggestions.Welcome to contact us!


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