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Specific application of x ray position images

X-ray position images are suitable for supporting medical X-ray machines, and can also be used as supporting products for upgrading gastrointestinal beds of ordinary X-ray machines, so as to realize the open-room examination and operation with the perspective function.
Working principle and outstanding advantages of image intensifier TV system;The development trend and application prospect of X-ray image enhancement television are reviewed.
Specific application of x ray position images
Medical X-ray television CCD camera military-to-civilian technology medical X-ray image enhancement television equipment, usually refers to the equipment matched with X-ray machine and X-ray image intensifier to convert invisible X-ray perspective images into visible TV screen images for medical diagnosis.
The X-ray penetrates the human body and is modulated by the density of different parts of the body to form an invisible X-ray image on the input screen of the intensifier.
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