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Structural mobile fluoroscopy

Mobile fluoroscopy is the indispensable component in the X-ray machine.The resolution of the image intensifier is limited by the resolution of the input-output fluorescent screen and the ability of the focusing electrode to hold the image as the image passes from the input screen to the output screen.
The quality of fluorescent images is also affected by statistical fluctuations in the number of x-rays impinged on the input screen.
Structural mobile fluoroscopy
Mobile fluoroscopy image resolution, brightness and contrast in the center of the image is one of the biggest, in the peripheral direction decreases.The brightness reduction along the periphery of the image is usually no more than 25%.
Newheek mobile fluoroscopy offers all kinds of camera system, its features to a variety of purposes, according to the input screen scope is divided into six inches in diameter, 9 inches and 12 inches.


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