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The composition and introduction of image intensifier TV system

The X-ray imaging system is used to display images on an image intensifier TV system, and the optical lens is converted into a parallel light source and projected onto the target surface of the camera tube. Under the action of the synchronization signal, the optical signal is converted into a TV signal and transmitted to the display for display.
① Image intensifier This is a key component of the image intensifier TV system.
②The vacuum tube camera is composed of camera tube, optical lens, deflection system, scanning circuit, compensation circuit, straightening circuit, preamplifier, etc. Its main task is to convert the visible light signal output by the booster into a TV signal.
③The role of the controller is to process the video signal and convert it into a complete TV signal to complete the synchronization of the camera and the display.
④The display is composed of synchronous separation, video circuit, scanning circuit, power supply circuit and so on. Its task is to convert the captured TV signal into an image.
The basic working principle of the image intensifier TV system is to use an image intensifier to convert the invisible X-ray into a high-brightness visible light image, and then the camera converts it into an electrical signal, and after the amplification process, the cable is sent to the monitor for display Various parts of the human body. Organizational structure. The system composed of the image intensifier, camera, display and the controller that completes the video signal processing and coordination of the entire machine is called the image intensifier TV system.

image intensifier TV system


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