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The composition of image intensifier

According to the different input light, mobile fluoroscopy can be divided into the X-ray image intensifier, infrared image intensifier and visible light image intensifier, etc.

Image intensifier is enhanced by the pipe, containers, power supply, optical system and support (support) parts.

The main part of the image intensifier is the image intensifier tube, which has an input screen and an output screen to enhance the image of thousands of times the brightness on the output screen.The reinforcing tube is a vacuum tube made of glass. A tube container is needed for protection purposes.

The vessel also serves to shield the body from x-rays, electromagnetic fields and high pressure.

In addition, the image intensifier also has a set of power supply, including high-voltage power supply of the intensifier tube, focusing power supply and power supply to drive the deaeration ion pump in the intensifier tube.The heart of the image intensifier tube is Image intensifier parts.

Newheek image intensifier is divided into a variety of types and models, according to the size is divided into six inches, 9 inches and 12 inches.

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