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Do you know the camera structure of the image intensifier TV system?

Image intensifier TV system camera, commonly used in conjunction with an X-ray machine and image intensifier, image intensifier TV system refers to the television device that intensifies medical diagnoses by turning invisible X-ray images into visible images of the TV screen.

Image intensifier TV system camera’s basic configuration includes key sections for image intensifier TV system, optics, camera and monitor.

The X-ray penetrates the human body and is subject to the adjustment of different density of different parts of the human body. The medical X-ray image TV system is made, and an invisible X-ray image is formed on the television system of the image intensifier TV system.

The input screen of the image intensifier transforms the invisible image into an electronic image. After being accelerated and focused in the image intensifier TV system tube, the electron bombardises the output fluorescent screen to make it glow, forming a yellow-green visible image that is focused on the image sensitive plane of the camera by the optical system.

With the electronic circuit of the camera, the whole TV signal is formed and sent to the monitor to display a visible TV image.

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