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The customer purchased X-ray high-voltage power supply replacement

The customer consulted our company’s VP-33314 X-ray high-voltage power supply and whether there are replacements. The specific communication content is as follows:
The customer claimed that the VP-33314 X-ray high-voltage power supply in their hospital burned out. Does your company have this type of X-ray high-voltage power supply ? I’ll send you a picture to show you. Tell the customer that our company does not have the original X-ray high-voltage power supply, but there is a replacement for this X-ray high-voltage power supply NK5761HD-P1P5.
The customer said that if your company’s replacement NK5761HD-P1P5 can be completely replaced, we can consider it, can it be installed on site? If you can install it on site, by the way, help us check whether the machine still has other faults.
Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of image intensifier TV systems. Basically all image intensifier accessories can be repaired and replaced by our company. Regarding door-to-door installation, our company needs to charge a service fee for door-to-door installation. It is recommended that your hospital find a local maintenance engineer to install it on-site, which is relatively economical and cost-effective. The price of high-voltage power supply is ***, and the service fee for on-site installation is ***
In the end, the hospital leaders agreed to purchase our company’s X-ray high-voltage power supply, and they found an engineer from the local to install it. Can our company issue an invoice and mail it to them first? After receiving the invoice, their hospital needs to go through the process before paying.
The invoice should be issued first, and I need to confirm the specific situation with the financial department before replying to you. Finance said that the invoice can be issued today and mailed to your hospital. Please arrange payment as soon as possible after receiving the invoice. Our company will ship the goods the same day after receiving the payment.
Friends from the hospital, if you have an X-ray high-voltage power supply that is an accessory for the image intensifier TV system and needs to be repaired and replaced, Welcome to contact us!


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