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The function and maintenance of image intensifier

The X-ray image intensifier is a device that converts the incident X-ray fluoroscopic image into a corresponding fluorescent image, and requires additional energy to enhance the brightness of the image. I.I (I mage Intensifier) for short, consists of an image intensifier tube, a tube container, and an optical system. and power supply etc.
The image intensifier is the main component and is expensive. Therefore, it is very valuable for maintenance. The X-ray image intensifier has two functions: one is to convert the X-ray image into a visible light image; the other is to increase the brightness by nearly ten thousand times. The benefits of the ray image intensifier are: first, it reduces the exposure of X-rays, so that patients and doctors are less exposed to X-ray radiation; second, it improves the brightness, so that doctors can observe images in bright rooms
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