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The image intensifier replaces the traditional washed film

Why are more and more people not using traditional film imaging, but using image intensifiers or flat-panel detectors for imaging. Traditional X-ray film photography has complex procedures, time-consuming and labor-intensive photography, and requires a lot of film and costs. Very high; Film photography needs to go through filming, development, and evaluation, and finally a film inspection report can be issued; it cannot meet the requirements of real-time imaging, real-time inspection and evaluation; a large number of detected films are not easy to store. Therefore, traditional X-ray film photography has gradually lagged behind the development process of industrial radiographic inspection. X-ray imaging technology based on image intensifiers has been widely used. It can intuitively and quickly detect objects in real time, which has advantages over traditional film imaging.
After the introduction of image intensifier technology, the exposure dose has been reduced and the image quality has also been improved. However, it will cause a series of problems in the process of converting X-ray radiation into visible light images, such as introducing a large amount of noise, causing problems such as poor image quality, low signal-to-noise ratio, and flaws, making unprocessed video The image cannot be applied to reality

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