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The Overall Structure Of The Image Intensifier

The overall structure of the image intensifier

Side :
The inner layer of the intensifier is the intimate glass made of the inner bile (i.e. the reinforced tube), and the outside is the key component of the intensifier function. The main function is to absorb and isolate the X rays that have not produced the photoelectric effect; the main function is the shielding layer of the permalloy. The main function is to prevent the external magnetic field. The outermost layer is the metal shell (i. E. tube sleeve), mainly for protection and fixation.
Input side:
Input flange (input interface ring), aluminum, fixed input, connected to the diagnostic bed parts;
Filter plate, made of aluminum (ultra-thin, easily scratched and deformed), can be replaced by filter grids, but the effect is not so good as the filter grids.
Output side:
Output Flange (Output Interface Ring), Aluminum, Fixed Output, Camera Connected Parts

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