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The role of x-ray image intensifiers

The working principle of the X-ray image intensifier (hereinafter referred to as the intensifier) is realized by using the physical electronic and optical principles. In simple terms, the image formed by the X-ray penetrating the illuminated object is projected to the image receiving end of the intensifier, thereby exciting the receiving end of the intensifier to generate a faint visible light image. The light generated by this image excites the photocathode to generate escaped electrons, which are accelerated and focused to the image output end of the intensifier under the action of a high-voltage electric field. Under the dual action of electrons and accelerated convergence, the phosphor screen at the image output end of the intensifier is excited to produce a visible light image with sufficient brightness. The brightness of the image generated by the output screen is enough to make the electronic camera photosensitive, thus realizing the conversion of X-ray signal-→visible light signal-→electrical signal. The electronic images converted into optical signals can be arbitrarily processed by the camera and transmitted to a farther place to be viewed by a monitor, which also realizes the isolation of man and machine and keeps the operator away from radiation.
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