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The strength of Mobile c-arm image intensifiers

Mobile c-arm image intensifiers are the receiving devices of medical X-ray imagers. Image intensifier belongs to the electron optical focus vacuum tube imaging device, which is mainly composed of vacuum inverter and lens-coupled CCD camera. This kind of imaging device has high signal noise but high price, and once a part breaks down, the whole tube will be discarded.
Mobile c arm image intensifiers
To this end, Newheek offers a variable vision Mobile c-arm image intensifiers in doses that meet the imaging quality requirements of medical or other specialty applications and meet safety standards.
Mobile c-arm image intensifiers include rare earth green screen, objective lens, image intensifier, relay lens and CCD camera, which are set in sequence along the optical path. The characteristics are: the light path between rare earth green screen and objective lens is also set with aperture and plane reflector. The rare earth green screen adopts the rare earth quick green screen based on aluminum and the objective lens is a continuous zoom lens.
Newheek Mobile c-arm image intensifiers are split into 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. Meet your different purchasing needs.


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