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The structure and imaging process of general image intensifier camera

The image intensifier camera is usually made into a cylindrical shape, and the internal vacuum container contains many parts. The X-ray sensitive input phosphor screen converts the invisible X-ray photon image into a visible light image. The visible light photons excite the photocathode to emit electron images. The electrons are accelerated by a voltage of several thousand electron volts and focused on the fluorescent output screen, thereby forming visible light. image. The visible light image reflects the details of the latent image of the ray, and the brightness is greatly enhanced. The image can be observed by a television camera system with higher sensitivity, or sent to a computer for processing and identification through a digital acquisition system such as a CCD camera. The image intensifier camera is mainly composed of several parts:
1) Input screen
The input screen of the general image intensifier camera is made of glass
2) Input scintillation crystal
3) Photocathode
4) Vacuum tube and focusing electrode
5) Output scintillator
6) Output screen

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