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Our Newheek’s high-voltage power supply-NK5761HD/P4P7

The high-voltage power supply is used to provide power to the image intensifier. Generally, it refers to a power supply with an output voltage above 5,000 volts. Generally, the output voltage of a high-voltage power supply can reach tens of thousands of volts, or even hundreds of thousands of volts or higher. There are many uses for high-voltage power supplies, mainly used in high-voltage power supplies for X-ray machines, and other aspects.
The NK5761HD/P4P7 high voltage power supply manufactured by our company,
The main technical parameters are as follows:
Output voltage (HV): 25±2kV
Output voltage (P1): 500~750V
Output voltage (P2): 50~200V
Output voltage (G2): 1.5~3.5kV
Output voltage (G1): 550~860V
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