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The structure and imaging process of X-ray image intensifier

X-ray image intensifiers are usually made of cylindrical shape, and the internal vacuum container contains multiple parts. The x-ray sensitive input phosphor screen converts the invisible x-ray photon image into a visible light image. Visible light photons excite the photocathode to emit electron images. The electrons are accelerated by a voltage of several thousand volts and focused on the phosphor screen to form a visible light image.
The visible light image of the X-ray image intensifier reflects the details of the latent image of light, and the brightness is greatly enhanced. The image can be observed by a television camera system with higher sensitivity, or sent to a computer for processing and recognition through a digital acquisition system such as a CCD camera.
The X-ray image intensifier is mainly composed of the following parts: input screen, input scintillation crystal, photocathode, vacuum tube and focusing electrode, output scintillator, and output screen.

X-ray image intensifier


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