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The structure principle of the image intensifier

The structural principle of the image intensifier is the photoelectric effect. It can convert non-additive light into visible light image. It can be installed on a dedicated medical TV output device, and can be used for fluoroscopy and photography.
The image intensifier is mainly composed of an image multiplier tube, a tube case, a dedicated high-voltage power supply built in the tube case, and a low-voltage power supply for driving the high-voltage power supply. Can be configured in C-arm X-ray machine, gastrointestinal machine and other equipment
The image intensifier can be used for digital high-frequency gastrointestinal machine. The gastrointestinal machine adopts 50KW high-frequency and high-pressure host design, digital acquisition, high-frequency and high-pressure X-ray generator, good radiation quality, and low skin dose.
The digital gastrointestinal machine uses a high-quality image intensifier and a 1 million pixel digital camera to achieve clear digital images, and is equipped with a medical high-definition progressive input and output TV system, with low image noise, high definition, and high contrast.

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