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Under what circumstances can the image intensifier be repaired

Many customers consulted our customer service and reported that their image intensifier is broken. Can it be repaired? If it cannot be repaired, do we have a replacement?
Under normal circumstances, there are several situations that can be repaired. One is the discharge of the high-voltage power supply of the image intensifier, that is, the high-voltage power supply has sparks and noises. This generally requires the replacement of the high-voltage power supply.
There is also a situation where the output screen of the image intensifier is discharged, and the output screen will flash and flash when X-rays are not applied. This can also be repaired. There is also a blurry image, which can be divided into two situations:
If the vacuum is bad, only repackaging is needed, and if the inner tank is damaged, a new one needs to be replaced, and the cost is close to a new image intensifier. In many cases, due to the different frequency and usage habits, the image intensifier is damaged, and it needs to be replaced with a new one. Our image intensifier can completely replace the customer’s image intensifier, and friends can find out that image intensifier The appearance of the device is similar, but in fact, the performance, function, and installation method are the same, and they are completely compatible.

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