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Image intensifier parameters

I recently received a customer inquiry about our image intensifier, and the customer’s image intensifier was damaged due to disrepair. So I wanted to buy a replacement from us. I first added the customer’s contact information. During the communication with the customer, I learned that the customer used Thales TH9428 before, so I sent the customer our product information.
The so-called image intensifier is generally used in conjunction with a c-arm X-ray machine, and is mainly used for fluoroscopy examinations of the chest, abdomen, bone and soft tissues in hospitals.
Image intensifier dimensions:
Monitor 33cm×33cm×30cm
Camera Φ190×130mm
Central control box 335×258×75mm
Reinforcer diameter: outer diameter: 297±3mm inner diameter: 292±2mm
Weight: Monitor: 10Kg
Camera: 0.85Kg
Central control box: 2.1Kg
Intensifier: 20kg±0.5kg
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