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Video intensifier TV system

Intensifier TV system:
Medical X-ray TV is the earliest and relatively complete equipment for industrial TV technology in the medical field. It uses the image intensifier to convert the invisible light X-ray effect into a high-brightness visible light effect, and then converts it into an electrical signal through the camera, and then transmits it to the monitor with the cable after amplification processing, showing the tissue structure of a part of the human body. The image intensifier can improve the brightness of the image, but because the image is very small and it is not convenient for direct observation, it must be matched with the X-ray TV to observe the image through the monitor. Although the equipment is relatively complex, it has obvious characteristics compared with the traditional X-ray machine to observe the image through the fluorescent screen.

Features of X-ray TV:
1. Bright room operation
2. Dose reduction
3. Facilitates teaching and scientific research
4. Facilitate the digitization of images
5. Poor contrast of image layer and density



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