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What are the classifications of medical image intensifiers?

A medical image intensifier is a device specially used for medical diagnosis and surgical operations. It can enhance the contrast, brightness and clarity of images, thereby improving doctors’ judgment of the condition. The following are some common classifications and introductions of medical image intensifiers:

1. X ray image intensifier: X ray I.I. uses the special energy and penetrating power of X-rays to enhance the object being detected, thereby improving the contrast and clarity of the image. X-ray image intensifiers are commonly used in diagnostic and surgical procedures in orthopedics and radiology.

2. Ultrasound image intensifier: The ultrasonic image intensifier uses the echo signal of ultrasonic waves to scan and enhance the detected area to obtain clearer, brighter and high-contrast images. Ultrasound image intensifiers are suitable for a variety of diagnostic and surgical procedures such as gynecology, obstetrics and cardiology.

3. Magnetic resonance image intensifier: The magnetic resonance image intensifier uses magnetic fields and radio frequency signals to image and enhance the structure and function of the detected organ. Magnetic resonance image intensifiers are suitable for use in various medical fields such as neurology, cardiology, and oncology.

4. CT image intensifier: CT I.I. is a device that uses spiral CT imaging technology and computer image processing technology to scan, reconstruct and enhance the detected organs. CT image intensifiers are suitable for various medical fields such as radiology, cardiology, and oncology.

In general, the classification of image intensifiers depends on their applicable imaging technology and application fields. Different medical image intensifiers are suitable for different medical diagnosis and surgical operations, and you need to choose according to the specific situation when using them. We are a manufacturer of Xray machines and their accessories. If you have any needs for I.I.s, please feel free to contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:
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