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A Nigerian customer ordered our Xray I.I. for replacement

A customer from Nigeria said that his Xray image intensifier was broken and he hoped to purchase our company’s image intensifier to replace his broken product. Judging from the product label sent by the customer, this is a device made in Japan in 2006. Obviously, it has been used for too long, causing the insulating glue to have aged and unable to protect the output end, and eventually the screen flickered. We have the customer take a photo of the overall appearance of the image intensifier. Then we find a product with roughly the same appearance from the warehouse and send it to the customer. The customer expressed satisfaction and hoped that we could provide the parameters of this product for comparison. So we took a photo of the product’s label and sent it to the customer, describing the voltage, current, focal length, incident field of view size and other information. After receiving it, the customer compared them one by one and found that the parameters were very different from his original product. The customer was very happy to find a product with such a high degree of matching, so he asked about the price. After we quoted the price, the customer was very satisfied and accepted it. The image intensifier is a relatively outdated product. Currently, many companies in the industry have removed this product from the shelves and no longer provide after-sales service. However, there are still some users in various countries around the world who are still using this product to check the condition of patients. If their products suddenly malfunction and no company can provide them with repair and replacement services, it will not only affect the hospital’s work, but also harm the patients. Our company operates image intensifiers all year round and has considerable technical reserves and exclusive supply. If you need the I.I, please contact us through various methods. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:
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