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What are the common faults of shadow increase

The image intensifier consists of a casing, an intensifier vacuum tube (including an intensifier input screen and an intensifier output screen), a high-voltage power supply module and a high-voltage cable. In general, the main fault phenomena of the shadow increaser are:
1. The discharge of high-voltage power supply is mainly manifested by the phenomenon of sparking and buzzing sound at the high-voltage end of the power supply
Solution: First: If the power supply is not broken, you can pull out the high-voltage end wire and clean it first, then apply high-voltage silicone grease to the high-voltage end of the power supply and reconnect the high-voltage wire. The discharge phenomenon of the power supply can be eliminated. Second: When the high-voltage power supply is too seriously damaged by discharge. Only the power supply can be replaced.
2. Intensifier output screen discharge:
The main symptom is that the output screen has a flickering phenomenon. It means that the output screen of the intensifier will flicker when the intensifier is powered on but no rays are applied.
The discharge of the output screen of the booster is mainly caused by the aging of the insulating glue of the output screen of the booster, so all the insulating glue at the output end should be removed, and then the sealing and baking process should be carried out again to solve the discharge phenomenon of the output screen . Note: This requires the use of professional packaging equipment, do not do it without authorization, so as not to cause irreparable losses.
3. Leakage of liner:
Symptoms: The main manifestations are blurred images, and the voltage at the high voltage terminal plummets.
First: If it is a slight leakage, you can re-seal the output screen to solve it.
Second: If the leakage is serious, it means that the inner tank is discharged, and you can only replace the inner tank or purchase a new product.
4. Inner tank vacuum is poor:
Symptoms: The main manifestation of the poor vacuum of the inner tank is: when the intensifier is powered on but no radiation is applied, the output screen of the intensifier will have a half-crescent bright light, and the larger the half-crescent bright light area indicates that the inner tank has poor vacuum The more serious the state.
First: If the poor vacuum is not very serious, you can conduct an aging test for a period of time (powering the intensifier for 1-3 days for a long time) to see if this phenomenon still exists.
Second: If the vacuum failure is serious, you can only replace the liner or purchase a new product.
5. Electrodes in the liner of the enhancer fall off:
Symptoms: When the bed is in the process of getting up or lying down, the image on the monitor shows that there are fluid objects flowing from the edge or from the middle to the edge, and finally the screen turns white, making it impossible to see the image clearly. (This phenomenon often occurs when the G3 of the Thales tube falls off.)
Solution: It cannot be repaired, only the liner can be replaced or a new product can be purchased.

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