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Alternatives to Video Booster High Voltage Power Supplies

Alternatives to Video Booster High Voltage Power Supplies
NK5761HD-P1/P5 type
The image intensifier high-voltage power supply is designed to replace the Toshiba VP-33314 high-voltage power supply. Its appearance, installation size and input and output characteristics are basically the same as those of the original power supply, and it can be completely replaced. It is unique in terms of stability and reliability. The power supply is divided into two parts: the main power supply board (installed inside the image intensifier) and the adjustment board.

Replacement method:
1. Open the image intensifier, remove the wiring on the original main power board, then replace the original power board with a new one, and install and fix it as it is.
2. Insert the HV high voltage wire of the booster into the high voltage output connector of the power supply as it is. Note that it must be inserted to the end!
3. Plug the booster’s G2 wire into the G2 output plug of this power supply as it is.
4. The adjustment board generally does not need to be replaced, and the PV on the adjustment board is connected to G1 as it is.
5. Connect the ground point on the regulator plate to the ground point of the mains as it is.
6. Insert the cathode wire E and the yellow-green ground wire plug on the booster into the other two ground point sockets on the main power supply.
7. Connect the DC 24V power cord. The red wire is +24V, and the black wire is 0V (the original power plug can also be matched).

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