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What are the different types of X-ray image intensifiers available?

There are primarily two types of X-ray image intensifiers available: the standard-sized and the mini-sized.
Standard-sized X-ray image intensifier: This type of equipment is commonly used in medical imaging applications. It consists of a vacuum tube with a large input screen and a smaller output screen. X-rays passing through the patient are converted into light photons by the input screen. These photons then strike a photocathode, which releases electrons. The electrons are accelerated and focused by an electric field towards the output screen, where they collide with a phosphor material, resulting in the emission of visible light. This intensified image is then recorded by a camera or captured in a digital format.
Mini-sized X-ray image intensifier: They are smaller in size and are designed to be used in portable X-ray systems or applications where space is limited, such as in orthopedic procedures or veterinary medicine. They function similarly to standard-sized image intensifiers but with a reduced overall size and weight.
Both types of image intensifiers offer real-time image enhancement, allowing for improved visualization of structures and diagnostic accuracy. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the imaging application and the available space and budget.
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