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What equipment is the 9-inch X-ray image intensifier used for? What is its function?

X-ray image intensifiers are not unfamiliar to most hospitals and dealers. Many dealers and hospitals have come to ask whether the X-ray image intensifier can be repaired if it is broken. The answer is yes. It can be repaired. X-ray There are many reasons why the image intensifier is broken. This needs to be tested, because the cost of replacing an X-ray image intensifier is too high, and the broken ones are basically repaired first, but if the repair is not good, you can only spend money to buy a new one.

Many people ask what is the role of X-ray image intensifiers? X-ray image intensifier is an electronic device that converts X-ray images into visible light images and outputs. It is installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography. Mainly used in fluoroscopy machines, etc., it is essential for hospitals. Therefore, if the X-ray image intensifier is broken, it is a very troublesome thing for the hospital.

Some people also ask, what are the circumstances when the X-ray image intensifier is damaged? The first is the damage of the inner tank. This situation is very serious. If the inner tank is damaged, it is better to change to an X-ray image intensifier. The second situation is that the high-voltage power supply is broken. This situation is better. You only need to change to a high-voltage power supply of the same model or alternative, and then the image is blurred. Troubleshooting method (1) After troubleshooting the x-ray machine and optical system, you need to measure the voltage of each measuring point of the intensifier one by one to meet the specified requirements, and the ambiguity can generally disappear. (2) A lot of dust on the output screen can also cause blur. Wipe the lens with lens cleaning paper and the fault will disappear. (3) After excluding the above two points, the image is still blurry, which must be caused by the aging of the enhancement tube and poor vacuum. At this time, the enhancement tube needs to be replaced.

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