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What is image intensifier night vision?

Image intensifier night vision can be used with medical X-ray intensifier, analogue positioning machine and c-arm X-ray machine, or as a intensifier gastrointestinal bed upgrade intensifier for general X-ray machine to intensifier room inspection and operation.
Because the fluoroscopy in dark room is very difficult, because the brightness on fluorescent screen is very low, because this people hopes to have a kind of device, can raise brightness, will doctor from “dark” come out.Therefore, a useful image intensifier night vision structure is proposed. The image intensifier can combine TV on the image tube to constitute the image intensifier TV system, which can realize the optical light perspective.
What is image intensifier night vision
The CCD camera interface in the image intensifier TV system has the characteristic of front and rear object distance adjustment, so it can be connected with various intensifiers, which has a strong intensifier match. Our image intensifier night vision can also serve as an import maintenance accessory instead.
Newheek image intensifier night vision can accommodate your different intensifier needs.


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