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What is the function of the high voltage power supply of the X-ray image intensifier?

High voltage power supplies for X-ray image intensifiers are widely used in medical and industrial fields. The high-voltage power supply provides the required high voltage for the intensifier to enhance the incident X-ray signal. Intensifiers typically use devices such as photomultiplier tubes or microchannel plates to enhance the X-ray signal. These devices require high voltages to create an electronic cascade enhancement effect, or step-by-step amplification, that produces brighter, sharper images.
High voltage power supplies consist of transformers, rectifiers and filters. A transformer converts a low voltage input to the desired high voltage output. The rectifier converts the AC signal into a DC signal, and then removes the clutter in the signal through a filter to ensure the stability and purity of the high voltage output.
The stability and adjustability of high-voltage power supply are crucial to obtain high-quality X-ray images. The stable high voltage output can ensure the clarity and contrast of the image, while the adjustable high voltage can be adjusted according to the specific situation to meet different needs.
In addition to medical and industrial fields, high-voltage power supplies are also widely used in scientific research, non-destructive testing, and safety inspections. By providing a stable and reliable high-voltage power supply, X-ray image intensifiers can provide precise and clear X-ray images for various applications, thus bringing more convenience and safety to people’s work and life.
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