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What is the function of the X-ray image intensifier camera?

The function of an X-ray image intensifier camera is to capture and enhance the image produced by a conventional X-ray machine. It is commonly used in fluoroscopy, which is a real-time imaging technique used to visualize dynamic processes within the body.
The image intensifier’s camera works by receiving the X-ray photons that pass through the patient’s body and converting them into visible light. This visible light is then amplified and converted into a digital signal that can be displayed on a monitor or recorded for later analysis.
The camera consists of several components including an X-ray detector, an intensifier tube, a video camera, and image processing electronics. The detector absorbs the X-ray photons and converts them into an electrical signal. This signal is sent to the intensifier tube, which amplifies the light signal to increase its brightness.
The intensified light is then directed onto a video camera, which converts it into a digital signal. This signal can be processed and adjusted to enhance the contrast and detail of the image. The resulting image is displayed on a monitor in real-time, allowing the healthcare professional to visualize the internal structures of the patient’s body as the procedure is being performed.
Overall, the X-ray image intensifier camera enhances the visibility of images and enables real-time imaging of dynamic processes, making it a valuable tool in various medical applications such as interventional radiology, cardiology, and orthopedics. If you happen to need to purchase or repair an image intensifier, please feel free to contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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