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What kind of equipment uses an image intensifier?

The image intensifier mainly uses the photoelectric effect. The X-ray is projected to the input screen of the intensifier and converted into visible light. The visible light has a photoelectric effect on the photoelectric layer (photocathode) to generate photoelectric electrons. The power supply accelerates the projection to the output end to form an electronic image. Which equipment uses the image intensifier The image intensifier consists of the housing, the intensifier vacuum tube (including the intensifier input screen and the intensifier output screen), the high voltage power supply module and the high voltage cable The image intensifier is suitable for vertical fluoroscopy machine, C-arm, Industrial fluoroscopy machine and digital gastrointestinal machine, among which digital gastrointestinal machine is mainly used for gastrointestinal fluoroscopy/photography, gastrointestinal examination, chest photography, skull and whole body skeleton photography, gastrointestinal imaging, etc.

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