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What’s wrong with the image intensifier without the rays?

The image intensifier was born in the 1950s and is a great product. Its appearance ended the history of fluorescent screen imaging. It greatly reduced the X-ray fluoroscopy dose from that era, greatly improved the convenience of technicians, and provided patients and technicians with a greater degree of protection.
Even with the vigorous development of various dynamic imaging technologies, image intensifiers still occupy a certain market in the medical and industrial fields. When many customers are using it, they will ask, what’s wrong with the image intensifier without the rays? Is it broken? In fact, it does not necessarily mean that the image intensifier is broken. We know that the atmosphere is radiant. There are various light beams with different long and short wavelengths in the atmosphere, including X-rays with shorter wavelengths. The fluorescent screen will emit light when it senses X-rays, so there will be a phenomenon that it is not illuminated by X-rays. Of course, this is only one aspect, and the specific reason is best to be tested by professionals.
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