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Where can the image intensifier be repaired if it is broken?

Today, a customer called to consult the editor, and the feedback was that the small c image intensifier of the customer was broken, and there was no image, and it could not be solved after repeated switching on and off several times. The customer said that this problem occurred before and restarting the machine can usually return to normal. I tried it today. There is still no way to use it normally many times. The customer learned through the official website that our company has been engaged in the production and maintenance of image intensifiers all year round, and has more than 10 years of production and maintenance experience. After the editor arranged for the engineer to communicate directly with the customer and initially determined the cause of the failure, the customer said that he would dismantle the video amplifier and mail it to our company for failure detection and repair in the afternoon. Express delivery must be well protected, such as foam packaging, waterproof plastic bag packaging, anti-collision, etc. There are many cases of violent loading and unloading and transportation of express delivery. In case of more serious damage during transportation, it will be embarrassing. Our company repairs or brand new equipment During the mailing process, individual anti-collision, waterproof and other packaging are carried out, and the product value is insured. If you also need to repair and replace the image intensifier, you can call for consultation and negotiation at any time. Welcome friends at home and abroad to inquire and discuss cooperation matters TEL: +86 17616362243 (same number on whatsapp)


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