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Why are image intensifiers used on X-ray machines

Application of image intensifier: It is mainly used in the image enhancement of low-dose X-ray machines, so that very low X-rays pass through the measured object to form valuable images through the electron multiplication of the image intensifier, thereby reducing the impact of X-rays on the user. s damage. It is safe to use, light in weight, high in resolution, and can see clear images without a darkroom. Leaked radiation dose is low, without any protection, it is an essential testing equipment for hospitals. At the same time, it can also be used as on-site diagnosis for athletes and military personnel in the field when they encounter injuries, non-destructive testing in industrial departments, security inspections in security departments, customs, and post and telecommunications departments.
The reason why image intensifiers are used on X-rays is because of the development of these affecting devices. Camera resolution and exposure time have both been greatly improved. However, complex industrial environments lead to frequently obtained target images that are not ideal. We also need to use image enhancement technology to further process the image to obtain better features and visual effects. According to the space where the enhancement process is located, general image intensifier methods can be divided into methods based on space domain and frequency domain. Spatial domain-based methods directly process images. The method based on the frequency domain is to correct the transformation coefficient of the image in a certain transformation domain of the image, and then inversely transform it to the original space domain to obtain the enhanced image. The main purpose of the image intensifier is to improve the visual effect of the image and the clarity of the image to achieve the best use effect.

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