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Functions of the image intensifier input screen

The X-ray image intensifier has two functions: one is to transform the X-ray image into a visible light image; the other is to enhance the brightness nearly ten thousand times. The input screen of the image intensifier is mainly used to receive X-rays and convert X-rays into electrons.
The benefits of using an X-ray image intensifier are:
1. Reduce X-ray exposure, so that patients and doctors are less exposed to X-ray radiation;
2. The brightness is improved, so that doctors can observe images in the bright room;
3. Due to the use of TV to observe images, it can be used for remote consultation and teaching.
Regardless of the type of X-ray image intensifier, the internal structure is basically the same, so the reasons for the failure are also the same. The core of the X-ray image intensifier is the image intensifier tube, and now there are two kinds of image intensifiers with variable field of view and image intensifier tubes for fixed vision industry that are widely used.
At present, Huading Electronics NK-23XZ-Ⅲ X-ray image intensifier 9 inches is an electronic device that converts X-ray images into visible light images for output. It is installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray perspective and photography.
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