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X ray image intensifier can replace Thales I.I

(Replace the X-ray image intensifier)

Newheek image intensifier is developed and manufactured by itself. X Ray Image Intensifier NK-23XZ/P3H, it could for Replace Thales TH9428 or Thales 9438 I.I.

A brief introduction to Newheek Image Intensifier NK-23XZ/P3H:

 Main Technological Parameters:


(1) Photoelectric Performance:


Input screen size: 230mm


Effective entrance field of view size: 215mm


Output image diameter: 20mm


Limiting resolution: 52Lp/cm


(2) Low Voltage Power Supply Performance Parameters:


Input voltage: 86V ~ 265V


Input power supply frequency: 50Hz/60Hz


Output voltage: 24V±0.5V

Output current (effective value): 1.5A

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