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X-ray image intensifier does not produce images

Recently, I received a call from the maintenance engineer W to inquire about the VP-33314 high-voltage power supply, which is equipped with the E5804SD-P3 X-ray image intensifier. W said that the X-ray image intensifier in the hospital no longer produces images. It is estimated that the power supply is broken. Ask our company Can it be repaired?
Tell the customer how to detect the high-voltage power supply, and tell the customer to first measure whether it is a power supply problem. The specific operation method is as follows:
Use a DC multimeter to measure (high voltage knob can only be measured with a high voltage meter)
1) Test low voltage +24V: if the voltage is normal, the high voltage board is broken; if there is no voltage, the low voltage board is broken
2) Measure the high voltage: the high voltage end is normal and the inner tank is broken; the high voltage end is abnormal and the high voltage board is broken.
According to this method, the customer first judges whether the high-voltage power supply is damaged. If the power supply is normal, it means that the inner liner of the X-ray image intensifier is out of order and needs to be mailed to our company for inspection and repair. After negotiation with the hospital, Manager Wu decided to mail the X-ray image intensifier to our company for corresponding inspection.
Our company received the X-ray image intensifier mailed by the customer. After a comprehensive inspection of the customer, our engineers found that there is no problem with the high-voltage power supply, but the X-ray image intensifier has a fault with no image caused by the aging of the inner tank. It is recommended The customer replaced the new liner of the X-ray image intensifier. Finally, the customer approved our products and after-sales service, and agreed to replace the new liner of the X-ray image intensifier.
Leaders and engineers of the hospital, if the X-ray image intensifier in your hospital has a similar situation, please remember to contact us.

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