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X-ray image intensifier failure analysis

X-ray image intensifier failure analysis and repair methods: the following is the analysis of two common failures of image blur and high-voltage ignition
1. The perspective image of X-ray image intensifier is blurred
Failure classification: (1) Camera system failure; (2) Supercharger failure.
(1) Remove the CCD camera system. After inspection, the camera system is working normally.
(2) Turn on the power and observe the output screen image under perspective. The visible image is blurred, which proves that the fault lies in the X-ray image intensifier.
2. High voltage ignition of X-ray image intensifier
X-ray image intensifier malfunction phenomenon: Turn on the switch, press the fluoroscopy function key, and hear a crisp “pop, pop” sound in the intensifier; step on the fluoroscopy foot switch, the image display is normal, but the sound is accompanied by a momentary level Interfere with bright lines.

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