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1-inch image intensifier output screen effective diameter

One-inch image intensifiers are commonly used in portable fluoroscopic X-ray machines. The size of the input screen is basically the same as the size of the output screen, and 1 inch is about 2.5 cm.
Our Shandong Huarui Imaging can provide channel image intensifiers and portable fluoroscopy machines. It is mainly divided into two types: integrated machine and split machine; the captain of the integrated machine is usually 50-70CM, the machine has a portable design, and is placed on a flat surface when working. A section of the machine is observed with its own image intensifier. For some high-end digital portable X-ray machines, AV video output or USB output can usually be connected to a computer for processing or connected to a printer for printing. These all-in-ones can be stored and carried in a dedicated carrying case when not in use.
The other type of split machine is mostly used in the industrial testing industry. The machine is placed on the left and right ends of the horizontal plane or on the top and bottom of the special workbench to test the products in it, and the volume is slightly larger than that of the all-in-one machine.
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