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9inch image intensifier for gastrointestinal machines

9inch image intensifier is an important part of X-ray machine, as well as a major part of gastrointestinal machine. Digital gastrointestinal machine is used for fluoroscopy and photographing of human organs and peripheral blood vessels in the gastrointestinal part of the human body. Such devices irradiate x-rays into the human body through X-ray generators, transform x-rays through the human body into visible light through X-ray 9inch image intensifier, and then image and display lesions through digital imaging devices, thus helping doctors to observe and diagnose.
Use high quality 9inch image intensifier to improve the gray, resolution and contrast to make the image clearer. The digital gastrointestinal image system includes X-ray imaging and post-processing, which is mainly composed of 9inch image intensifier, digital CCD camera module and CCU image real-time processing module. Working with the background workstation, it can capture, process, file, print and print the images of the perspective and spot.
9inch image intensifier
Clear image, high contrast, good effect, easy to identify lesions.
Newheek 9inch image intensifier is divided into 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. Applicable to different X-ray machines. Digital gastrointestinal machines are typically configured with 9inch image intensifier.
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