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C arm image intensifier for c arm X-ray machine

C arm image intensifier is mounted on a c arm X-ray machine to make the image clearer. C-arm X-ray machine, as the name implies, is composed of c-arm image intensifier, CCD camera and image processing station. Mainly used in various operations in contrast, photography and other work. New frame design, compact and beautiful appearance.
High quality combined high frequency and high pressure X- ray generator greatly reduces X- ray exposure. It has the functions of perspective KV and MA automatic tracking, so that the image brightness and clarity are automatically in the best state. High quality c arm image intensifier is adopted, with stable and reliable quality and good image clarity.
C arm image intensifier
In terms of protection, due to the application of C arm image intensifier, the intensity was increased, so the fluorescence dose was significantly reduced.Under the same brightness, the original 2-5ma, TV fluoroscopy can be reduced to 0.1-1ma, which greatly reduces the radiation of X-ray. It not only reduces the damage to the staff and patients, guarantees their physical and mental health, but also greatly reduces the burden of X-ray tube and extends the life of the machine.
C arm image intensifier is used as the receiver of medical X-ray imager. It belongs to electron optical focusing vacuum tube imaging device, mainly consists of vacuum inverter and lens coupled CCD camera.
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