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 Affect Enhancer’s Properties

The input screen light body layer of the image intensifier adopts a thick film CSL layer, and the output screen adopts the method of forming a thin film phosphor layer directly on the thick output screen glass with a non-reflective coating. Therefore, the image intensifier has the advantages of high resolution, high DQE, low image interference, and high contrast. Image intensifiers are often used in fluoroscopy machines, gastrointestinal machines, etc., but they are expensive.
The image intensifier produced by our company has EMC certificate and ROHS certificate, which can completely replace the image intensifier. As the only manufacturer of image intensifiers in China, our company can replace and repair image intensifiers with affordable prices.
Our company’s products can also replace Thales image intensifiers and repair Thomson image intensifiers, etc.
If you want to buy an intensifier, you can find a company specializing in the production of X-ray machines according to your choice and choose a suitable image intensifier.

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