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American client consults 9 inch image enhancer company

Recently, an American customer inquired about Newheek’s 9-inch image intensifier. The customer belongs to a deep processing manufacturer, and his purchase of image intensifier will re-modify image intensifier according to different equipment needs. At present, we all know that the production line of Thales in France is discontinued or the production line of Thales in the United States is discontinued.

Customers say that their annual demand is 25-50, which is not very large as a manufacturer. According to our experience, OEC’s shadow booster liner is Thales, Siemens’s shadow booster liner is the same as ours, Philippe’s liner may be produced in its own factory or purchased Thales, because we have worked with Philips before.

Now, the number of image intensifier demand on the entire international market is declining, and dynamic flat panel detectors are about to replace image intensifiers. Thales and Toshiba have also discontinued the production line of the image intensifier, we are the most cost-effective choice.

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