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Thales exits image intensifiers market

Recently, many customers find it difficult to buy Shanghai Thales image intensifiers in China. In fact, not only thales has stopped its image intensifiers production line in Shanghai, but also foreign customers say thales has withdrawn from the US image intensifiers market.

The function of image intensifier is simply to convert invisible visible light into visible light, which is convenient for camera shooting and imaging. It is mainly used in the diagnosis and treatment of lithotriptic stone, salpingography and industrial non-destructive testing of c-arm and fluoroscope.However, with the digitization of medical devices, flat-panel detectors gradually replace image intensifiers, and the film augmentation market has shrunk substantially.

The concern of many customers is how to repair the existing Thales image intensifiers if they break down after Thales exits the film market.Where should devices that require image intensifiers go from here?

Newheek has been producing image intensifiers for more than 20 years and is currently the only manufacturer of image intensifiers other than Toshiba.We can provide repair and replacement services for our customers.If you are interested in image intensifiers, please feel free to contact us

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