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Analyze digital image intensifier

The digital image intensifier in the X-ray inspection system is an indispensable part. Digital image intensifiers are used to receive and enhance images. Finally, the image information extracted from the digital image intensifier is processed by the computer through the CCD camera.
Digital image intensifiers are used in X-ray equipment such as medical diagnosis, industrial flaw detection, and safety inspection, and can convert and enhance X-ray perspective images into visible images with sufficient brightness.
The most common is a digital image with a large vacuum tube. The 9″ and 12″ X-ray image intensifier tubes produced are structured in a large diameter vacuum tube,
Set up the input conversion screen and the photocathode, the electronic lens composed of the focusing electrode and the output phosphor screen. When the X-ray image is projected onto the input side of the intensifier tube,
X photons enter the tube through the input window, are absorbed by the input conversion screen, convert energy into visible photons, and make the photocathode emit electrons.
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