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Application of image intensifier in X-ray machine

Recently, many customers call the X-ray machine to add an image intensifier to what is the function. Here is an introduction to the application of the image intensifier in the X-ray machine.
Image intensifier is an important part of X-ray TV. The power supply part is the repairable part that is most prone to failure in the image intensifier.
X-ray image intensifier is an important part of X-ray TV. An x-ray image intensifier is a device that converts an incident x-ray fluorescence image into a corresponding fluorescence image, and requires additional energy to enhance its image brightness. The image intensifier is composed of an image intensifier tube, a tube container, an optical system and a power supply. The power supply part is the easiest part of the image intensifier to repair, and it is also the most prone to failure.
A common fault is that the image intensifier has no image output. When the ion pump is turned on, the green light is on, there is no fluoroscopy signal after ten minutes, the green light does not go out, and the yellow light does not light up. To be sure, the relay is not switched, resulting in no output power to the working power circuit of the booster tube. Check the working power supply, no voltage, abnormal. The working power should be the output power of the voltage regulator, and the input power is normal. Check that there is no breakdown short circuit, and judge the fault. After replacing the voltage regulator, there is output, the switch is normal, and the image intensifier has image output.

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