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Precautions for the use of image intensifiers

The image intensifier first converts the X-ray image into a visible light image and increases its brightness by thousands of times before taking a picture. According to different types of input light, image intensifiers can be divided into X-ray image intensifiers, infrared image intensifiers and visible light image intensifiers. The image intensifier is composed of an intensifier tube, a tube container, a power supply, an optical system, and a support (support) part. Its main part is an image intensifier tube, which has an input screen (receiving X-ray radiation to generate electron flow) and an output screen (receiving electron bombardment to emit light), which enables the former to enhance images with thousands of times the brightness to be imaged on the output screen. The reinforced tube is a vacuum tube made of glass. For the purpose of protection, a tube container is needed. This tube container also plays a role in shielding X-rays, shielding external electromagnetic fields, and protecting the human body from high pressure damage. In addition, the intensifier has a set of power supplies, including a high-voltage power supply for the booster tube, a focus power supply and a power source for driving the degassing ion pump in the booster tube.
The image intensifier tube is the heart component of the image intensifier. Pay special attention not to damage the inner bile duct. The X-ray incident surface of the liner is a cesium iodide anode composite layer, which cannot be restored once it is deformed by impact. The inner tank is vacuum. Once air leakage occurs, impurities will enter and cannot be repaired.
The image intensifier high-voltage power supply will provide high-voltage power. You must use a regular high-voltage power supply. If you use an informal high-voltage power supply, the high-voltage image intensifier may be broken down.
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