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Can replace Toshiba E5830HD-P1 image intensifier

Our NK-23XZ X-ray Image Intensifier can replace Toshiba Image Intensifier, which is an electronic device that converts X-ray images into visible light images for output. It is installed on an X-ray TV device for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography. Structure of the image intensifier: The NK-23XZ type X-ray image intensifier consists of an X-ray image multiplier tube, a tube container, a dedicated high-voltage power supply built into the tube container, and a low-voltage power supply that drives the high-voltage power supply.

The purpose is as follows: The nominal entrance field size of the NK-23XZ X-ray image intensifier is 230mm (9 inches), and it is mainly applicable to small C-arm (orthopedics), gastrointestinal machines, digital machines, industrial tire hub detection, etc. Main technical parameters: 1) Photoelectric performance: Input screen size: 230 mm, effective input field size: 215 mm, output image diameter: 20 mm, limit resolution: 52 Lp/cm. Performance parameters of low-voltage power supply: Input voltage: 86V~265 Input power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, output voltage: 2.4V ± 0.5V, output current (effective value): 1.5A.

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