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Solving common problems in the use of image intensifiers

The image intensifier is implemented using physical electronic and optical principles. In simple terms, the image formed by X-ray penetrating the illuminated object is projected onto the image receiving end of the intensifier, thereby stimulating the receiving end of the intensifier to generate a weak visible light image. So what are the common problems with it? Let’s take a look.

1. The output screen flashes. The output screen of the intensifier flickers when it is powered on and not irradiated.

Solution: The discharge condition is mainly caused by the aging of the output screen insulation adhesive. Therefore, cleaning the aging insulation adhesive and re sealing the adhesive can solve the discharge phenomenon of the output screen. It should be noted that the sealing operation requires professional packaging equipment, and it is not allowed to operate without authorization.

The main manifestations of tank leakage are blurred images, and the high-voltage terminal voltage drops linearly,

Solution 1: If there is a slight electrical leakage, the output screen can be resealed to resolve it. Second: If the leakage is relatively serious, it is due to tank discharge, and only the tank can be replaced or new products can be purchased. As everyone knows, the price of the inner tank is very expensive. Once the leakage point of the inner tank is serious, it can only be replaced with a new one. If there is any abnormality in the image intensifier, it is necessary to promptly seek an engineer to check it to avoid further losses.

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