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Can replace Toshiba mobile image intensifier brand

mobile image intensifier is an electronic device that converts X – ray image to visible image output. It is an important part of the X – ray TV device for X – ray fluoroscopy and photography.
Newheek has been working to create higher quality mobile image intensifier, so over the years, continuous research and production, the existing brand of Newheek NK-23XZ X-ray mobile image intensifier can replace Toshiba, Thales and other brands.
Its appearance and technical parameters can be compared with Toshiba and other brands, and the price is low and quality is excellent. Can be widely used in C-arm, X-ray fluoroscopy, medical X-ray lithotripsy equipment, medical X-ray diagnostic machine, industrial non-destructive (NDE) X-ray equipment.
Newheek’s image intensifier TV System can be used in Toshiba mobile image intensifier.
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